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We Outside: 5 safety tips for concert attendees

Restrictions around the world is easing up especially with the COVID 19 vaccine now available.

People are going out more while activities that require a large number of people including concerts are back.

The United Kingdom and United States had a great summer with many concerts and shows.

Hopefully, by December, Nigeria will have its fair share of concerts, so that young people can have what is called a ‘Detty December’ filled with fun and a good time with the IJMBs (I just got back – Nigerians who say ‘I just got back’ from whatever overseas country they live in).

Having concerts in Nigeria is tricky and never easy because of the lack of good concert locations and security.

Concerts also infamous for being unsafe with people losing their valuable items

This doesn’t have to be the case; if you are going to a concert, here are some general tips for your safety;

1. You don’t have to be high or drunk to enjoy the concert, not being in control of your senses is a sure way to get into trouble.

2. Have a plan for how you will be going home, you cannot just leave your return trip home to vibes. Are you leaving before midnight, going in a car or carpooling in a friend’s car?

3. Take good care of your personal belongings. Concerts are not the place to carry a backpack or a big bag, a simple fanny pack is enough.

4. Be vigilant, take note of your environment and watch out for anything that seems out of place.

5. Do not go to a concert alone, ever. This last one goes without saying. So, next time you are buying tickets, buy two. It makes the entire experience enjoyable and also for safety reasons.

Anyways, concerts are a good time, you see your favourite celebrity in person, sing their song along with them but, if you are too introverted for such events, then coffee shop concerts are your best bets.

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