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US reopens embassy in Somalia after almost 30 years

The United States of America has reopened its embassy in Somalia after nearly 30 years when it was closed.

U.S embassy in Somalia was closed following the breakout of a civil war in the east African country.

Most parts of Somalia is still characterized by violence and militant attacks since then.

The violence and conflict, sparked by the removal of long-time leader Siad Barre from office in 1991 have yet to be fully brought to an end.

But the US embassy on Wednesday said in a statement that the embassy was being re-opened.

This is happening after permanent diplomatic presence was established in the capital, Mogadishu last year.

“[It] is another step forward in the resumption of regular US -Somalia relations, symbolising the strengthening of US-Somalia relations and advancement of stability, development, and peace for Somalia, and the region,” the statement said.

The US ambassador to Somalia Donald Yamamoto also reveled that the opening of the embassy was “significant and historic”.

“Annother step forward in regularising US diplomatic engagement in Mogadishu since recognising the federal government of Somalia in 2013.”

The US is Somalia’s biggest donor, giving $730m worth of aid last year, an official at the US State Department showed.

The US government is also helping Somalia defeat the militant group, al-Shabab.


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