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Photos: Pope Francis visits Mozambique

Pope Francis on Thursday spent most of the day during his visit to Mozambique urging citizens there to nurture peace to make it last. The pontiff spent time with warring factions in the Southern African country where a recent peace accord was signed to formally end years of civil war. The Pope said to the gathering that “Peace must be the norm and reconciliation the best way to face the country’s difficulties,”. Peace was like “a delicate flower”, according to the Pope who said it has struggled to blossom on…

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Pope Francis was late for prayers after getting trapped in lift

Pope Francis has apologised for arriving late for his weekly prayer in St Peter’s Square. He explained to those gathered that he was stuck in a lift in the Vatican. The 82-year-old pontiff told the worshipers that he had been trapped in the lift for 25 minutes. The trapped could not functioned due to a power outage at the Vatican. Pope Francis however explained that he was freed by firefighters who detected the situation. Meanwhile the Pope’s visit to Mozambique has drawn some controversy after the Mozambique government said it…

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