Rwandan president General Paul Kagame’s dictatorship dwarfs General Idi Amin Dada’s rule

Most authoritarian leaders come across as caring and loving individuals who are keen to defend the defenceless. Behind this ‘sheep’s’ skin there is normally a ‘wolf’ waiting for the right opportunity to pounce.  No dictator in modern history can match President Paul Kagame of Rwanda in playing the roles of; victim, defender, saviour, nationalist, great statesman, global leader, liar, villain and aggressor, simultaneously.  He has perfected the art of PR (public relations) to a level that even the experts in deciphering illusions are left helpless to his disingenuousness.  Some seasoned politicians, academicians,…

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Paul Kagame Rwanda 

“He is a killer. He is a dictator. He can’t stand any opposition.”:Lt Joel Mutabazi

President Paul Kagame THE assassins came at night, when their target was alone, and knocked on his apartment door. They had been hunting him for weeks.

Joel Mutabazi, an Israeli-trained commando, had fled his own intelligence service after suffering 17 months of solitary confinement and torture and was about to divulge his government’s darkest secrets.

But it wasn’t Mossad who were after him. Nor was it the KGB or China. The killers, he claims, were from one of Britain’s closest African allies. Mr Mutabazi, who served for 20 years as President Paul Kagame’s bodyguard, said that the men who came to kill him were, like him, Rwandan. “Kagame has no mercy,” he told The Times. “He is a killer. He is a dictator. He can’t stand any opposition.” The gunmen shot twice but missed, and ran off into the night.


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