Breast Protest in Uganda East Africa OP-ED 

Why Women’s Rights May Never Be Guaranteed In Africa And The Middle East!

The large craving for gender equality and a continuous upgrade in affirmative action for women, may yield a generous amount of progress in the liberal world, but will continue quite sadly, to suffer reoccurring setbacks in Africa and the Middle East! • THE SUPERVISED ENTITLEMENTS OF WOMEN IN AFRICA Africa is traditionally built around draconian cultures that frown at the… Read More
Middle East 

Middle East: The Shortcomings of the International Conference for Peace

The conference for peace between Israel and the Palestinians initiated by the French government that took place on January 15 in Paris was positive in many ways. The concluding declaration that collectively emerged pointed out the need to establish a Palestinian state as a prerequisite to peace and stability, urged the two sides to recommit themselves to a two-state solution,… Read More
Trump Fighting Isis OP-ED Opinions 

Trump’s Daunting Foreign Challenges

If nothing else, the 2016 elections have once again reaffirmed America’s solid democratic system. Without any major incidents, tens of millions of Americans went to polling stations across the land, voted for the candidate of their choice, and readied themselves, as always, for the peaceful transfer of power. I believe that even those who were deeply disappointed with the results… Read More

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas asks UN for international protection in Gaza as hostilities with Israel continue

    Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas has asked the United Nations to put the state of Palestine under “international protection” due to the worsening violence in the Gaza Strip. The ABC’s Matt Brown in Jerusalem Rockets are still streaking out of Gaza into the sky and heading north into Israel, but notably there’s a more low-key feel around the border… Read More