Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete threatens Malawi over lake dispute

LILONGWE(AGV)--Speaking on Thursday during the country's heroes' day celebrations, Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete made a rumbling speech saying its armed forces were ready to protect the country against any foreign threat to its territory, raising the stakes in an escalating border dispute with Malawi. . Read More

Was the Bingu Africa Saw the Bingu Malawians Knew?

Several comments made about the departed president by a number of Africans from various countries, and a few non-Africans, seem to paint a picture of a man Malawians do not seem to recognise. He has been called a visionary leader, a Pan Africanist, and an anti-imperialist, among many other colourful adjectives. Is that the man Malawians knew? . Read More