Vincent Wandale OP-ED 

Malawian Wandale seeks despised ICC intervention over conviction

BLANTYRE:-The self-acclaimed supreme leader of Peoples Land Organization (PLO) leader Vincent Wandale says will seek International Criminal Court (ICC)s intervention following his conviction on Thursday. Blantyre Senior resident magistrate Thokozani Soko convicted Wandale on three accounts of conspiracy to commit misdemeanor, unauthorized use of land and criminal trespass. Read More

Senegal Court case of Former Chad Leader Habre might spell an end to the need for ICC

A special court in the Senegalese capital of Dakar began a long-awaited trial Monday against former Chadian ruler Hissene Habre on charges of torture, war crimes and crimes against humanity.  The 72-year-old Habre and his lawyers have dismissed the court as lacking due process and said they would boycott the trial, but they were present Monday after authorities forced their... Read More
Charles Taylor Ex-Presidents 

ICC court so unpopular in Africa Denies Charles Taylor request to serve sentence in an african country

The Special Court for Sierra Leone has denied former Liberian President Charles Taylor's request to serve his 50-year sentence for war crimes in Rwanda, rather than Britain.   Taylor was convicted in April 2012 of 11 counts of war crimes and crimes against humanity for aiding murderous rebels in Sierra Leone's civil war. . Read More

ICC the West’s tool to Harass Africans, Mugabe demands cutting ties

The International Criminal Court should drop or suspend charges against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir and Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto until African concerns about the court and proposals to change its founding treaty are considered, African leaders say. The demand came in a report Saturday on previous decisions made by African Union leaders. Mugabe, 87, told the United Nations General... Read More

Kenyan ICC Case:Kenyatta Faces rude and biased judges who refuse to accept his Kenyan leadership position

 Much has been made of President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta publicly handing over power to his deputy, William Samoei Ruto, so that he could attend at status conference for his case at the International Criminal Court (ICC) as an individual. Yet for four months last year, Kenyatta’s lawyers used to file their written submissions to Trial Chamber V(b) as “Defence of... Read More

Rwanda and the Criminalisation of International Justice: Anatomy of War Crimes Trials

The Nato ordered indictment of Muammar Gadaffi by the International Criminal Court (ICC) during the Nato attack on Libya in 2011 echoed the indictment of President Milosevic by International Criminal Tribunal For Yugoslavia, during the Nato attack on Yugoslavia in 1999. Both men ended up dead as a direct consequence. The indictments of these two men, had only one purpose,... Read More

Frustrated ICC Judges Order Documents on Kenyatta Asset Freeze Be Made Public

Judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) have ordered the Registry to make public five documents relating to a court-ordered request in April 2011 for cooperation on the freezing or seizure of the property and assets belonging to President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. Trial Chamber V(b) said it made the order because some details of the confidential documents had been made... Read More

ICC: Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta must appear at Hague

The case against Uhuru Kenyatta has angered many African leaders   The International Criminal Court (ICC) has rejected a request by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to avoid appearing at a hearing on 8 October. He denies organising ethnic massacres after the 2007 elections in which 1,200 people were killed, Judges rejected Mr Kenyatta’s request to postpone the hearing or appear… Read More

Kenyan ICC Case: Witness Says He Made Up Meeting at Ruto’s Home

A witness told the International Criminal Court (ICC) he made up a meeting that was supposed to have taken place at the home of William Samoei Ruto in December 2007, weeks ahead of the general elections that year. Witness 604 said on Friday he made up the meeting “to make my statement more reliable.” The witness changed the account he... Read More