Kenyan ICC Case: Witness Says He Made Up Meeting at Ruto’s Home

William Samoei RutoA witness told the International Criminal Court (ICC) he made up a meeting that was supposed to have taken place at the home of William Samoei Ruto in December 2007, weeks ahead of the general elections that year.

Witness 604 said on Friday he made up the meeting “to make my statement more reliable.” The witness changed the account he gave the prosecution when Ruto’s lawyer, Essa Faal, presented him with information that three people Witness 604 claimed were at the December 13, 2007 meeting were elsewhere when the meeting was supposed to have taken place at Ruto’s home. Faal told Witness 604 the defense was able to determine their location using data retrieved from the three individuals’ mobile phone records. On September 5, Witness 604 told the court he had been instructed by another prosecution witness to claim he had been at a meeting at Ruto’s home where attacks against Kikuyus were planned.


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