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South Africa lifts ban on use of hijab in the military

– – Female military officers in South Africa can now wear their hijabs with their military uniforms. It follows a review of the dress code of the South African military after a rights organisation challenged the policy in court. A Muslim woman, Maj Fatima Isaacs has waged a two year battle against the dress policy after she was charged with disobeying lawful commands or orders. The Legal Resources Centre said the changes followed discussions with the South Africa National Defence Force (SANDF). The centre has since filed a notice to withdraw…

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Muslims in Ghana march against hijab discrimination

Thousands of Muslims across Ghana on Saturday staged a street protest against hijab discrimination. The peaceful march took place in key cities across the country’s 15 regions. Most of the protesters were young Muslims who are pushing for total end to discrimination against the wearing of the hijab of Islamic headscarf. They were joined by other prominent Muslim leaders in pushing for reforms. There have been reports of Muslim young women in Ghana facing discrimination and challenges wearing their hijab to work places and in schools. Nurses in Ghana have…

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