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Nigerians in Ghana cry foul over criminal tag

– – Nigerians living in Ghana are crying foul over attempts to criminalize their nationality. It follows an accusation by a journalist that the Nigerians are responsible for the latest wave of crime in Ghana. The accusation contained in a viral video follows the murder of police officer and a civilian by armed robbers who attacked a bullion van and absconded with an unspecified amount of money. It has provoked the Nigerians in the Diaspora Organization which is demanding the arrest and interrogation of the journalist. The group says the comments…

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Ghana makes arrests after deadly attack on police officers

Police in Ghana have made arrests following the deadly attack on some police officers last month by some criminals. At least five police officers carrying out traffic duties were killed in separate instances by armed criminals. A key suspect in one of the killings, Eric Kojo Duah was arrested on Saturday at a town called Atimpoku while escaping to Ghana’s Volta Region. Police declared him wanted days ago with a GH¢10,000 bounty placed on him. Duah was a reportedly in a vehicle when two police officers ordered occupants of a…

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