Impending Humanitarian Disaster in Burundi and Rwanda

KPFA/Ann Garrison” On Aug. 26, the BBC reported that Burundian officials are investigating to determine why an estimated 40 Rwandan bodies have been found floating in Lake Rweru, on Burundi’s border with Rwanda.  Most of the bodies had been wrapped in plastic and many of the victims hands and feet were bound. Burundian officials said that the bodies must have come from Rwanda because… Read More

Victoire Ingabire spends her third Christmas behind bars

 Report by Ann Garrison of San Franciso Bay View Transcript: KPFA Evening News, broadcast Dec. 25, 2012 KPFA Evening News Anchor Anthony Fest: And this is KPFA, 94.1 Berkeley, KPFA, 89.3 Berkeley and KFCF, 88.1 Fresno, Pacifica Radio for Northern and Central California. This program is the Evening News. I’m Anthony Fest. KPFA’s Ann Garrison spoke to Rwandan American Charles… Read More