When the Victors Tell the Story: The UN’s Victims in Rwanda, By: Captain Amadou Deme

A book review By: Jennifer Fierberg “History isn’t all fact–it’s just the story the victors tell to keep themselves in power. And it’s been a slow revision. The more time passes, the easier it becomes to reinvent the past.” There is no lack of books written about Rwanda and specifically about the war that was started in 1990 by the… Read More

Impending Humanitarian Disaster in Burundi and Rwanda

KPFA/Ann Garrison” On Aug. 26, the BBC reported that Burundian officials are investigating to determine why an estimated 40 Rwandan bodies have been found floating in Lake Rweru, on Burundi’s border with Rwanda.  Most of the bodies had been wrapped in plastic and many of the victims hands and feet were bound. Burundian officials said that the bodies must have come from Rwanda because… Read More

Rwanda: A sick nation in need of healing

On November 28, 2011 the first annual roundtable on Rwanda Truth and Reconciliation: The Process Begins was held at The International Humanitarian law Institute of Minnesota. In attendance was Dr. Ali Galayd, the Former Prime Minister of Somalia, Paul Rusesabagina, honored worldwide for his heroic actions during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, recipient of the 2005 U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom… Read More