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Examining the State of Hotel Development in Africa

A total of 365 hotel chain development pipelines were reported in Africa in 2016, with 64,231 rooms. This is according to a report by the W-Hospitality Group; that provides advisory services in the hotel, tourism, leisure, and real estate industries to investors. This is a record 29.2% increase, from the 2015 numbers of 270 hotels and 49,715 rooms in the… Read More
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Mobile phones usage for travel 51% of smartphone owners use them for travel related activities

  In the latest report on how people use phones for travel, Google in collaboration with Ipsos has provided insights on the influences mobile devices have on travelers’ decisions. According to the report, 51% of smartphone users in the I-want-to-go moments turn to their devices for information as well as activities related to travel. These may include booking hotels online,… Read More
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Adventure ideas for your next holiday to Africa

If you are planning your next holiday to the land of unending adventures, Africa, you need to know what places have the experiences you are looking to have. From the very simple tasks as a walk in the park, to the adrenaline filled jaunts that are likely to leave you completely breathless, Africa is an all-inclusive package. These adventure ideas… Read More
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Top challenges facing online travel customer service agents in Africa

It’s Customer Service Week and this year, the international celebration of the people who on a daily basis serve and support customers, takes place from 3rd to 7th October 2016. Companies across the world are conducting activities to appreciate their customers; even in the smallest acts of kindness such as shoe shining or providing discounted rates/prices for products and services. Read More

Swaziland Reed dance Festival from August 26th – 1st September 2014

The festival this year will start on August 26th, with the main day of the event (day 7) to happen on September1st. This is when the main ceremony occurs, with the dancing attended by the King. This will be a public holiday in Swaziland. This ceremony is a centuries old tradition where the Kingdom¹s unmarried and childless females present their... Read More