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South Africa: Ex-president Jacob Zuma jailed for 15 months

The inquiry headed by Justice Raymond Zondo then asked the Constitutional Court to intervene.

The court said Zuma is not an ordinary litigant and since he is a former president, he wields a lot of political power.

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There are fears he can influence others to disregard courts, if his conduct is met with impunity, leading to significant damage to the rule of law.

The former president is now expected to submit himself at Nkandla or Johannesburg Central within 5 calendar days for the station commander to ensure that he is immediately committed to a correctional facility.

According to the court if he does not, as required, the minister of police and the national commissioner of police must within three days take all steps necessary and permissible in law to ensure that Mr. Zuma is committed to a correctional centre.

Jacob Zuma will now be the first democratic president to be imprisoned since the ANC came to power in 1994 after the end of Apartheid.

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