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Singer hands fans 100 dollar bills as he is ‘booed for turning up late’

A singer was filmed handing out wads of cash to his fans at his own gig, as revellers have defended the move.

Ahmed Ololade, who is professionally known as Asake, has gone viral after he was videoed handing out 100 dollar bills to delighted fans.

For revellers who secured barrier positions at his concert, at the Forum Birmingham last night, 3 December, the Nigerian sensation was seen all-smiles as he donned white sunglasses and handed out his money.

Fans took to social media to share a clip of the Afrobeats artist reaching into his pocked and pulling out wads of American cash, report Birmingham Live.

Those who were lucky enough to be at the barrier were given the 100 dollar bills

All of a sudden hand shoot up in the air as they see Asake passing out the cash to lucky concert-goers – in hopes they they’ll get a fresh bill themselves.

Joyous screams can be heard echoing around the venue, as the singer-songwriter smiles at his fans.

However, it remains unclear whether this was just a general stunt, or a way of apologising to fans for being late to his concert.

Reportedly, the Nigerian sensation rocked up to his own concert at 11pm – which is when shows typically end.

Regardless, his fans were more than happy to receive the cash as a means of apology.

Fans have defended Asake for being late to his concert

One person wrote on Twitter : “Asake sharing dollars in his concert in Birmingham.”

While another defended his lateness, saying: “Everybody loves you, you slip up for a second, same people will come for your neck….Mehn, the internet is a slippery place.”

While another put: “Nah you are just hating, I feel so sorry for you.”

And a fourth chimed in saying: “It’s clear that those who did not attend Asake’s Birmingham concert are the ones attempting to create negative reviews on the timeline.”

However, others were less from impressed after arguably paying a lot of money to see their favourite artist.

One person said: “Sorry he deserved every single boo tonight.”

And another: “I got into the venue at 9 after queuing for 2 hours. Then he came out at 23:05 I’m on the way home with my man cos this is absolutely ridiculous.”

The Nigerian sensation played at Forum Birmingham on December 3

Since the incident, the star has gone on to give a heartfelt apology to his fans, who were left ‘disappointed’ by the experience – despite many happy reviews.

He blamed the delay on his promoters, but thanked people for their “patience and understanding”.

In a tweet, Asake said: “Birmingham I’m sorry for the delay yesterday. The promoters delayed my pick-up time for reasons best known to them.

“But I’m super grateful for your patience and understanding.”

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