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Plateau Massacre: Blood For Blood Won’t Solve Our Problems As Oppressed People By Buhari Olanrewaju Ahmed

There is no atom of doubt that Nigeria is a failed state. Hundreds of Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorists have been receiving very special treatment from Buhari regime as “repentant terrorists,” despite the obvious fact that these terrorist groups have maimed, raped and killed thousands of people.

They’ve forced married women to be widows, made children become orphans, evicted thousands from their ancestral lands and made them refugees in their own country.

Sentiments and emotions have taken humanity away from us. The competition of killing innocent people under the guise of reprisal attacks won’t solve our problems. All killings should be condemned irrespective of any ethnic group behind them.

The bloodbath in Plateau and Southern Kaduna were as a result of the fact that both governors refused to condemn the killings and attacks orchestrated by Fulani terrorists. The inability of the state governors to tackle the situation and get justice for the victims resulted to reprisal attacks.

Government must stop pampering Fulani terrorists, the mass killings carried out by the militia in Plateau State should be investigated and the decades of killings by the nomadic Fulani terrorists should also be checked and dealt with.

Religions were meant to promote peace and harmony, but reverse has become the case in Nigeria. Obviously religion has become evil in the hands of evil people. Violence or reprisal attacks is not the  solution to conflict resolution.

We are at a time when we need to come together, unite as oppressed people to fight the oppressors. Our peaceful co-existence should be our utmost priority that should unite us to form a formidable force that would defeat the hegemony and vagabonds in power.

The Buhari dictatorship has caused severe harm in this country, so that innocent blood now flows freely about. The killings in the country should be condemned regardless of the people behind them. 

Government and security agencies should investigate and fish out the perpetrators of these evil acts.

As I have said above, there’s no doubt that the country is bleeding at the moment, but it is very unfortunate that the Buhari regime is unconcerned about the killings and has emphatically refused to proscribe Fulani herdsmen as terrorist organisation.

The killings and kidnappings of innocent people in the country by Fulani terrorists birthed the necessary idea of self-determination as a result of the refusal of the Buhari dictatorship to proscribe them for the obvious reason that they’re a terrorist organisation.

Ethnic and religious wars have been prioritised to the extent that human lives can be terminated without remorse. This incompetent regime has sowed several deep-rooted seeds of discord amongst various tribes, through their utterances and actions.

Time to hold our oppressive and irresponsible “leaders” responsible for all the killings, unemployment, intimidation, harassment and the deliberate abuses of fundamental rights.

When terrorists are not punished but rehabilitated and reintegrated into the same society from which they maimed and killed with reckless abandon, sends a signal of licence for more killers to spring up.

The ineptitude of Buhari regime formulates the circles of violence and continuation of bloodbath in the country. 

Reprisal attacks by aggrieved victims who feel cheated over the killings of their loved ones by the failure of the government to bring the killers to book will continue if the Buhari dictatorship sustains its offensive attitude of patting terrorists and kidnappers on their backs.

Obviously, Nigeria has been divided more than ever under Buhari regime through injustice and nepotism. Fulani terrorists have been killing and kidnapping innocent people across many states without a word of condemnation from the federal government or security agencies.

Nigerians at this point need to set up individual night-watchers and surveillance since our security architecture has been hijacked. The attacks on innocent travellers and communities is evil and unacceptable.

Deceptive promises by Buhari regime created this multiplicity of violence. The vagabonds in power are rather adding more fuel to the burning crisis with no plan for a solution. Wining and dining with terrorists has been their hobby which is being sustained.

No fewer than 80 people were gruesomely murdered in Bassa, yet no statement was made to condemn the barbaric act by dictator Buhari and his regime. 

The massacre at Bassa lasted for about 78hrs where over 200 houses were burnt down, yet no single arrest was made to that effect. Indeed, the selective process of arresting perpetrators in Nigeria by Buhari regime is worrisome and unacceptable.

Arrest without justice accumulates into aggression. Prosecution of evil perpetrators will serve as a deterrent, that’s if dictator Buhari cares about any other thing except remaining in office as a disastrous “president.”

Sourced From Sahara Reporters

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