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#NigerianIdol: Kingdom comes through in the clutch

The Nigerian Idol season 6 aired its 13th episode last night, and for fans of the show, it’s hard not to get emotional seeing how far the contestants have come. The show looks to be almost over, as the stage gets more desolate each passing week.

Last night, only four of what was initially hundreds competed to be this year’s Nigerian Idol. Of course they all brought their A game in a bid to out-sing their opponent, the sort of battle music lovers all over the world love to see. The four contestants that performed were Akunna, Francis, Kingdom, and Comfort.

The fact that there are so few performers left is cause for mixed emotions. On one hand, the show is coming to an end, and it’s goodbye to a show we’ve fallen in love with for the past few weeks. And on the other hand, we would soon crown a winner for the show, which in itself is cause to be happy.

For this fact, it is paramount that the remaining contestants bring their best deliveries yet, and now more than ever, they must try to out perform each other. Kingdom last night, took the initiative to do so. His execution of James Brown’s It is a Man’s World, was simply the best performance of the night, and had all four judges, including popular singer and guest judge: Praiz, in awe.

He closed the show in grand style, making a case yet again, as to why he deserves to be this year’s Nigerian Idol. Of course it goes without saying that he cannot get comfortable now, powerhouses, like Francis and Akunna, are right on his tail, and it is safe to assume that they took heed of his performance and are going to bring the fire next week.

For Chinedu Okafor, its all about making an impact with words,  creating a profound impression on the audience with the intended narrative.

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