Maruritius: Civil Service reforms on the cards by the Mauritain Government


The Office of Public Sector Governance (OPSG) is being commissioned by the Minister of Civil Service, Satyadeo Moutia, sanctioning the Office to closely monitor the performance levels of public sector departments  because of the lack of customer friendly service and complacency with an apparent stream of complaints.Minister Moutia said that Government is seriously concerned about the level of administrative performance and governance  hilosophies across Civil service departments, pointing out it is lacking in some areas and stating that reforms in the civil service have to be robustly undertaken.

The Prime Ministers Offices officials have also acknowledged that there have been many complaints about numerous departments, but did not  pinpoint or name which ones however.

These reforms indicated by the Minister has received strong criticism from the Opposition government recently the MMM (Mauritian Militant Movement party ,stating that the Mauritian public sector has been in status qoa since for quite a while ,with little changing ,also iterating that nepotism and the old boys club still exist with Mauritian 

According to the Minister Moutia, excellent and timely public services for Mauritians, with the influence of globalization and technology, inescapably demands for a “re-engineering” of governmental departments.

“Fundamental changes are therefore required to ensure that the public service is more customer-oriented and result-based,” he said.

“This decision is in line with the vision of the Government to encourage good governance across the public sector,” Moutia said.

He explained the importance of a contemporary attitude in the public sector, adding that full consideration should be given to the expectancies of a new generation of savvy Mauritians who are better informed of ethics, international benchmarks and practices in regards to service delivery , and that Mauritians expect a high standard from their government as taxpayers and citizens .

Political pundits have scrutinized the government, saying it is avertedly a knee jerk reaction to what has been happening for many years.

With many in the private sector ridiculing the Ministers comments, citing a lack of ownership and past service failings to Mauritian citizens, notably Social Security, the Ambulance Service and government owned clinics and hospitals, and as recently as last month the Mauritian police force, believing service will not change for citizens.

Furthermore, recent news polls undertaken by Mauritian newspapers, most notably by L’ Express, have suggested a constant dissatisfaction with government departments and parasatal bodies, calling for strong reform 
in the public sector and asking for more private sector methodologies from high level or senior public service officials.

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