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‘I go take you to cleaners’ – The Zlatan and Cuppy fracas | The #YNaijaCover

All is definitely going south in the friendship between Celebrity DJ, Florence Otedola, and Zanku Master, Zlatan, at the moment.

While the true story on what transpired between both parties remains sketchy, she continues to face criticism from fans over her alleged ill-treatment of Zlatan. The opening ‘gist’ spilled over over to social media on on January 8 when the billionaire’s daughter tweeted:

“10 months later and I sometimes still wonder why @Zlatan_Ibile blocked me on WhatsApp and Instagram without ever saying why; we were actually friends.
…AND “Gelato” was a hit!”

With Zlatan keeping mum about the reasons for his action, he inadvertently gave room for more speculations, but trust fans to take it to higher heights.

He has now introduced a new twist to the saga with his feigned ignorance of who Cuppy is, in an interview that went viral late Thursday. To add salt to injury, in an IG post, it was alleged that she took the Zanku Master to a fundraising event where she made billions but gave him nothing, despite him booking an hotel room.

This has expectedly set fire to the saga, with Cuppy, Gelato, Otedola, Stingy, Parody and Lagos Anthem trending almost all day, this Friday. Many praised Zlatan as an MVP, for silently cutting ties with her and allowing a neutral party exposing the cause of their rift. For these fans, “if Cuppy hadn’t taken to social media acting like she didn’t know why, the secret won’t have been out.”

Trust Nigerian Twitter, others accused the ‘Gelato’ crooner of being manipulative with her initial tweet and attempting to hold him down to a “toxic friendship.” In a short while, the moral lesson gang showed up: “Rich people don’t help, only Good people do.”

For the cynics, both artistes could be cooking a song underground, while in the camp of optimists, they look forward to a reconciliation between both parties; beginning with an apology from DJ Cuppy to set the tone for a romantic relationship between eventually.

As we await more twists and turns in this whole drama, it will be difficult to move far from our pack of popcorn.

Anything is possible! Or what do you think?

Temidayo Taiwo-Sidiq is a Political Journalist, Analyst and Social Change Advocate with major interest in Nigerian Politics, Governance and Sports.

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