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Gemtracks Beats welcomes Nigerian musicians onto its platform

Music-industry freelance platform, Gemtracks Beats, has officially welcomed Nigerian musicians to register as freelancers.

For several years, Gemtracks has been one of the few websites independent artists and media companies around the world have chosen to find musicians to collaborate with.

However, with more than 10,000 members, Africans make up only a small fraction of the website.

The majority of customers are from North America, Europe and Australia.

Freelancers make up around 10 per cent of the site, and includes renown musicians such as DJ Shaw-t of ShawtBeats.com.

“With the rise of musical education becoming widespread in Nigeria, I thought it was time to open the website to this country,” the owner, DJ Jesse Neo, told us. “One thing I love about Nigeria is the culture and music, but it is a pity that many of these artists were unrecognised in the world stage. But I hope to change this.”

What started out as a small website that sold hip hop beats has now been extended to include an array of other music production services such as session singers, music engineers and songwriters – all operated by individual freelancers.

“Gemtracks is an excellent way for someone in America, for example, to find someone in Nigeria to help write their songs,” Jesse continued. “This creates cross-culture collaborations and may even brew up something unique and trendsetting that the world has never heard before.”

Freelancers are free to set the price and terms of their services.

This means it is possible for the freelancer to see their name in the song credits when the finished track is due for release.

All it takes is for one song to chart in an overseas market, such as America or Canada, for the freelancer to find fame and stardom.

In a recently published post from The Jerusalem Post, the news outlet predicted Gemtracks could be the future replacement for having a major record label.

This means that anyone that needs access to top musical talents, no matter where they are, will be able to do so.

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