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Russia-Ukraine crisis: Europe can look to Africa as preferred gas supplier

– – With recent sanctions on Russia by western nations threatening the critical supply of Russian gas to European markets, an opportunity has emerged for African gas producers to step up, enhancing hydrocarbon production and exports to meet international supply gaps. Significant progress has already been made to establish Africa as a viable gas export market, and now, with geopolitical… Read More
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Russia’s Putin signs law allowing him to serve two more terms

– – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday gave final approval to legislation allowing him to hold office for two additional six-year terms, giving himself the possibility to stay in power until 2036. The 68-year-old Russian leader, who has already been in power for more than two decades, signed off on the bill Monday, according to a copy posted on… Read More
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Why U.S. is worried about Russia, China presence in Africa

Africa for centuries has been a place where the world’s super powers like to deepen their presence hoping to secure some of it’s territories and resources. That led to slavery and colonization and their impact have been devastating for years and do not seem to have ended just yet. Since the beginning of the 20th century when most African countries… Read More
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How world powers are distracting Africa from its development

For years Africa has been known as the continent that goes begging for help to develop. That has led to mounting debts that ultimately cripple economies on the continent. The dream of founding leaders of many African countries especially Ghana’s Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was for Africa to unite as a major force to take control of its developmental agenda. On… Read More
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First ever Russia-Africa summit opens in Sochi

The first ever Russia-Africa summit has opened in Russian city of Sochi with Russia displaying its military prowess and what it could offer Africa. All 54 African states have sent representation to this summit with most African leaders attending the meeting, according to Kremlin advisor Yuri Ushakov. The two-day event is welcoming more than 3,000 delegates from across Russia and… Read More
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Russia accuses West of exploiting Africa, offers unconditional help

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the West of exploiting Africa as he offers an alternative arm of help without political conditions. Putin will be hosting a two day summit with African leaders this week. The Kremlin said it expects 47 African leaders at Sochi for the Oct. 23-24 event. This will be first Russia-Africa summit as Russia joins other… Read More
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Trump’s Travel ban targeted Three African Countries out of the Six

Three African countries were affected in both travel bans the U.S. leader signed – Somalia, Libya and Sudan. However both orders now stand suspended by courts. The Trump administration has shown that it will continue the fight against so called violent extremism on the continent. The sale of combat planes to Nigeria and pledges by Trump in phone calls with… Read More
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How Russia Hacked USA Election – NSA Director

Admiral Michael Rogers, commander of US Cyber Command, director of the National Security Agency (NSA) and chief of the Central Security Service, has made a shocking revelation at the role played by Russia in the recently held American elections. Rogers spoke candidly about how cyber-attacks and foreign interference affected the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Read More