Blood donation a sacred act ,with Ministerof Health encouraging Mauritians to give blood to save lives

In addition, Prime Ministers Offices also communicated to journalists that a yearlong program entitled “Every blood donor is a hero” will be the slogan for 2012.The theme ‘“Every blood donor is a hero “focuses on the concept that everyone can become a hero by donating blood.

While recognising the silent and unsung heroes who save lives every day through their blood donations, the theme also strongly encourages more people to donate blood voluntarily and regularly, officials explained at 
the Ministry of Health.

Minister Bundhoo uttered that blood donation is a sacred act that transcends beyond the barriers of colour, ethnicity and religious background of a person.

“The act of blood donation reflects the caring attitude of an individual towards his fellow beings and indeed this is a direct measure of social harmony in the community”, he said.

According to Minister Bunco, blood transfusion and blood products, like platelets for some cancer patients create a crucial component of patient administration in the health system and that of clinics and hospitals.

The Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) of the Health Ministry has revealed a firm increase for blood units collected over the past few years however, with more than 45 000 units of blood collected in 2011, but have cautioned that drops in blood donations have caused problems in the past.

Mauritius is the top country in Africa in terms of blood donation per capita with 37 units per 1 000 population currently according to the Prime Ministers Offices.

He recollected that the policy of the government is to reassure voluntary and regular blood donors that they are an important asset, adding that only voluntary and regular donors can upkeep the maintenance of a safe and healthy stock of blood 24 hours 7 day s a week.

Furthermore, the Health Ministry explained the logistics and the proper infrastructure exists in Mauritius to ensure that all blood that is donated is examined, processed, deposited and ultimately distributed in the safest and secure manner.

The Ministry Of Health in a says it is focusing strongly on the youth population to ensure the continuance of blood donation in future generations of Mauritians. Additionally, raising awareness on the importance of blood donation is vital the Ministry explained.

Currently Mauritius has around 40 000 voluntary blood donors, which represent around 2.5% of the population that donate their blood on a consistent basis. An average of 3 500 pints is amassed per month, according to the Mauritius Blood Donors Association.

Donations of O negative blood and B type currently are in high demand on the island for surgical operations, which are mainly used for car accident victims, childbirth complications and cancer patients undergoing treatment.

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