BBC Africa in Abuja to ask What is life like for women without children in Africa?

In many African communities, fertility is highly prized and men and women without children are frowned upon. They can be pitied, discriminated against and even ostracised. Recorded in Abuja, Nigeria, as part of the BBC’s 100 Women Season, this month’s BBC Africa Debate will look at their experiences.

An intimate discussion with the BBC’s Bola Mosuro and guests, the BBC Africa Debate will hear first-hand from women and men about their experiences of not having children. From the influence of religious leaders, family and society on their decisions, to the effects of infertility.

Included will be a look at assisted conception to adoption, and the taboos that can be associated with these. As well as asking what lengths some couples go to in order to have a child and who profits from this desperation?

BBC Africa Debate can be heard on the World Service on Friday, 25 November at 1900GMT and online at, listeners from around the continent can also join in with the discussion by using the hashtag #BBCAfricaDebate on social media.

Additionally to this, in the week of the debate, Focus on Africa radio will bring listeners further related stories on this theme. Including the personal account of an African woman who has chosen not to have children, the perspectives of an infertile man, a surrogate mother and an expert from a fertility clinic.

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