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Annette: A musical masterpiece!

But what ‘Annette’ has done is demonstrate that everything about a musical doesn’t have to be bright to earn praise. That a musical can have intense music, dull gloomy shots, a dark plot and still perfect cinematic wonder!

The story focuses on the glamorous marriage of a stand-up comedian ‘Henry’(Adam Driver) and a world-renowned opera singer ‘Ann’(Marion Cotillard).

While their romance blossoms under the spotlight, everything crumbles after the birth of their daughter ‘Annette’(Devyn McDowell). Henry becomes obsessed. Ann perceives the signs but neglects them, which will sadly lead to her untimely death.

On a romantic getaway with their daughter ‘Annette’, The celebrity couple embarks on a sail in hopes to rekindle their initial burning romance. This is where Henry’s demons take the better of him, leading him to throw Ann offshore.

One big question the audience hopes will get answered during the musical. More like an anticipated revelation, Is a backstory is explaining Henry’s dark instincts perhaps a flashback sung to validate Ann’s attraction to him in the first place. But neither is done, leaving the question open for fan & critic speculation.

After Henry Murders Ann, he takes ‘Annette’ who possesses her mothers vocal talents. Joined by Ann’s previous conductor(Simon Helberg), The three toured the world. Exploiting ‘Baby Annette’s newfound fame.

The story takes another dark turn after ‘The Conductor’ who is later revealed to be the real father of Annette confronts Henry. Henry, unwilling to risk another scandal, drowns ‘The conductor’ in his backyard pool.

Unfortunately for Henry, this time Annette witnesses this and ties the horrifying pieces of events together and lands at a conclusion.

In what appears to be Annette’s final performance as an opera singer for stadium full ‘Super Bowl’. In front of thousands of spectators, Annette reveals Henry’s crimes.

‘Daddy Kills people’ she blurts.

Henry is arrested and tried on (2) counts of first-degree murder. But the real loss for Henry here is not his freedom, nor his already failed career, It’s his daughter.

Created by Ron Mael & Rusell Mael, and brilliantly directed by Leos Carax. ‘Annette’ is a musical utilising rock opera to tell a love story that ends in tragedy.

Adam Driver, Marion Cotillard and Devyn McDowell impress us with the captivating vocal ranges. Whether Henry is on stage amusing his audience or Ann, contemplating her marriage choices or the final scene of musical confrontation between Remorseful Father and aggrieved daughter, Every monologue and dialogue is complemented with eye-grabbing pictures that keep the audience focused on the character journey and storyline.

This attention-grabbing theatrical musical is nothing short of an Absolute Masterpiece! I hope the producers release the soundtrack for streaming.

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