Winnie left wanting in Nelson “Madiba” Mandela’s will

“I wish that he should live in the house together with his siblings (Ndaba, Mbuso and Andile) during his lifetime and that the trustees of the Nelson Mandela Trust decide for what special purpose the house may be used thereafter perpetually,” the will reads.

Mandela said the house “should serve as a place of gather of the Mandela family in order to maintain its unity long after death.”

Mandela later amended the will to say that the trustees should allow other Mandela family members and members of his wife Graca Machel’s family members to visit and stay at the Houghton property.


Mandela’s Qunu home is to be administered by the NRM Family Trust.

“It is my wish that the trustees of the NRM Family Trust administer the Qunu Property for the benefit of the Mandela family and my third wife (Graca) and her two children Malengane Machel and Josina Machel. The Qunu property should be used by my family in perpetuity in order to preserve the unity of the Mandela family,” Mandela wrote.

Children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

Mandela’s first born son and Mandla’s father Makgatho, who died in January 2005, has already been advanced R3,3-million.
Mandela’s eldest daughter from his first marriage, Makaziwe, has also already been advanced around R3,3-million
The NRM Family Trust, a second trust, was given R3,3-million “for the benefit of Mandla Mandela”.
The NRM Family Trust is also meant to administer R3, 3-million each for Mandla’s brothers Ndaba, Mbuso, Andile.
Makaziwe’s children Dumani, Tukwini, Adjao and Kweku are to receive R100 000 each.
Mandela’s granddaughters Ndileka has already been advanced around R3,3-milion each.
Winnie Mandela’s children Zenani and Zindzi has already been advanced R3,3-million
Zenani’s children Zinhle, Zaziwe and Zamaswazi are all to receive R100 000.
Zindzi’s children Bambatha, Zondwa, Zwelabo, Zoleka are all to receive R100 000.
Mandela’s greatgrandson Zozuko has been bequeathed R100 000.
Staff and schools

Mandela also left R100 000 each schools and universities which he had attended, to be used for bursaries and scholarships. He left an additional R100 000 each to the Qunu Secondary School and the Orlando West High School.

“The bequest is made in consideration of the role the pupils of Orlando West High School and its teachers played in the struggle for the liberation of South Africa,” he said in the will.

Mandela has also left R50 000 each to nine former employees, including his former personal assistants Zelda le Grange and Thoka Mavuso.

Mandela’s former personal chefs Gloria Nocinda and Xoliswa Ndoyiya are also to receive R50 000.


The NRM Family Trust received R1,5-million, part of which should go to the African National Congress.

“I direct that the trustees of the NRM Family Trust should at their sole discretions, consider paying, subject to the availibility of funds, a minimum of 10% and maximum of 30% of the royalties to the African National Congress.

“The royalty payments must be used to the discretion of the African National Congress National Executive Committee for the purpose of recording and/or disseminating information on the African National Congress principles and policies since 1912, particularly on the policies and principles of reconcilaiton amongst the people of South Africa,” Mandela said in his will.

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