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Religion and Human Rights Abuses: Combating Islamic Extremism and Witch Persecution in Africa

Events in the past few months have compelled a rethink of the link between religion and human rights. Protests across the Muslim world over the republication of the cartoons of Prophet, Muhammad and the attendant bloodletting in France have underscored the mortal threat of Islamic extremism. It is particularly worrying that at one of the protests in Pakistan, a Muslim cleric shouted: “There is only one punishment for blasphemy”. And others chorused: “Beheading, Beheading”. Of note is the outrageous statement by the Egyptian president, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi that: “Freedom of expression…

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Media and Advocacy against Witch Persecution in Africa

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches has launched an initiative to end witch hunting and witch persecution in Nigeria and in Africa in the year 2030. Media establishments are critical to the realization of this objective. Waging an effective campaign against witchcraft accusation, witch persecution and killing has become necessary because for too long witchcraft accusation has been a form of death sentence in our communities. The notion that people could harm others through occult or spiritual means exists and persists among the local population including the young and the old,…

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