UK: A shameful miscarriage of justice

TEN REASONS WHY THE ACQUITTAL OF GENERAL KARENZI KARAKE BYA BRITISH COURT IS A SHAMEFUL MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE By Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa On 10 August, 2015, General Karenzi Karake, the head of Rwanda’s notorious National Security and Intelligence Service was acquitted by a British Court. Rwanda’s Spy Chief had been arrested at London Heathrow Airport on June 20, 2015, on… Read More

Blair’s links to Rwandan President Kagame must remain secret – Foreign Office

Tony Blair’s relationship with the Rwandan regime and its president, Paul Kagame, must remain secret because Blair is a “former prime minister,” according to the Times, after the Foreign Office rejected its Freedom of Information request. The UK government refused to release information about Blair’s involvement with Rwanda and his Africa Governance Initiative charity when probed by Times journalists. . Read More

Britains Tony Blair Ends Political Advisory Mission in Malawi

Lilongwe, January 5, 2014 (MaraPost) A group of British political advisers, led by former Prime Minister Tony Blair, will leave Malawi later this month after concluding their advisory sessions to the government of this African country. The collaboration of the Africa Governance Initiative (AGI) with President Joyce Banda comes to an end in January after an agreement between the parties,... Read More

Rwanda National Congress responds to Blair and Buffets Plea for support to Rwanda

RESPONDING TO TONY BLAIR AND HOWARD BUFFET In the Foreign Policy issue of February 21, 2013, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and American billionaire Howard Buffet pleaded with the international community to “stand with Rwanda, and that now is no time to cut aid to Kigali”. Blair and Buffet recognise the shocking consequences of DRC’s Second Congo War, which… Read More