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President Zuma has a crush in Nigeria, and it isn’t female!

Somewhere in Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria, a fancy statue of President Jacob Zuma poses in elegance, despite widespread condemnation of the romantic gesture by the Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha, who appears to be quite star-struck by the South African President.   Aside from the rumored extravagant cost of erecting the monument—which comes at a time of extreme economic hardship, and likewise, the reported unpaid salaries of Imo State workers, the logic behind Governor Rochas’ immortalization of the embattled South African leader, eludes the bulk of Nigerians.

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ANC Leaders likely to discuss removing President Jacob Zuma from his post at a May 26-28 meeting

The top leadership of South African’s ruling African National Congress will discuss removing President Jacob Zuma from his post at a May 26-28 meeting, according to two senior party officials who will be in attendance. The ANC’s national executive committee is due to discuss a motion of no confidence in Zuma that has been filed by opposition parties in parliament. Some members of the panel will also raise the possibility of removing Zuma as the nation’s president, according to the party officials, who sit on the decision-making panel and asked…

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