Egyptian authorities postpone Morsi trial

deposed president Mohamed Morsi,CAIRO — Egyptian authorities on Wednesday abruptly called off a court appearance by deposed president Mohamed Morsi, saying bad weather prevented a helicopter flight from his prison in northern Egypt to the heavily guarded police complex in the capital where he is on trial.

After a brief procedural hearing, the case was adjourned until Feb. 1, lawyers said. Morsi and his 14 co-defendants are accused of incitement to commit murder.

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Egypt explained: 6 key questions

A month after mass protests led to the ouster of President Mohamed Morsy, Egypt is still in turmoil. Morsy’s removal, carried out by the military on July 3, has angered his supporters and created deep division in the country. In some cases, the tension has led to violence. Hundreds have been killed and thousands have been injured in recent weeks, either in clashes between opposing protesters or in clashes between protesters and Egyptian security forces. As the military worked Wednesday to clear two massive makeshift Morsy camps, fires burned and tear…

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Egypt: Morsi declared winner

Egypt — Morsi has been declared winner of the Presidential elections with a little over 51% of the vote count. A big loud cheer could be heard of Tahiria square as the announcement was made on Egypt Tv The western world is apprehensive as to lest policies the Muslim brotherhood government will follow. However in Egypt it was pure jubilation welcoming the news.

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