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Macron seeks clarity after Burkina Faso ordered French troops to leave

French President Emmanuel Macron hopes to get more clarifications from Burkina Faso after it ordered its troops to leave the country. The military government on Saturday demanded the departure of the French troops but there has been very little details on the demand. According to local media, the military government has now suspended a 2018 military accord that allowed the… Read More
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Covid: French President cancels trip to Mali over new wave

– – President of France, Emmanuel Macron has cancelled his trip to Mali from December 20 to 21. He was expected in the West African nation to visit French troops who are withdrawing from the country. But Macron’s office said the trip has been canceled due to France’s deteriorating health situation over the spread of the Omicron COVID-19 variant. “This… Read More
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France to close all military bases in Mali by 2022

– – The French government has announced that by 2022 it will close all of its military bases in Mali. On Friday French President Emmanuel Macron made the announcement, indicating that the process to close its bases in northern Mali will start by the end of this year. This is part of a bigger plan by France to finally withdraw… Read More