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France recalls ambassador to Burkina Faso ahead of pulling out troops

Burkina Faso, is still battling an Islamist insurgency but said it wants to do it by itself. France has about 400 special forces based in Burkina Faso to help local forces battle the Islamist insurgency. For some time now there have been agitations over France’s military presence in Burkina Faso. Critics complain the presence of the troops has not improved security… Read More
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ECOWAS to deploy troops to Guinea-Bissau after coup attempt

– – ECOWAS leaders have said they will be deploying troops to Guinea-Bissau to help stabilize the country after Tuesday’s failed coup attempt. The country’s president Umaro Sissoco Embaló revealed this week that he and his cabinet were targeted in a coup attempt while attending a meeting. Gunfire was heard near the ministerial building where the meeting was taking place… Read More
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France to close all military bases in Mali by 2022

– – The French government has announced that by 2022 it will close all of its military bases in Mali. On Friday French President Emmanuel Macron made the announcement, indicating that the process to close its bases in northern Mali will start by the end of this year. This is part of a bigger plan by France to finally withdraw… Read More