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Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea: How to deal with the problem

– – When it comes to maritime security, the west coast of Africa has been the subject of attention of the international community for a few years now. Nowhere in the world is the risk of pirate attacks as high as in the Gulf of Guinea. That is particularly problematic as the region is of big strategic importance in terms of transporting energy products. Despite the International Maritime Organization (IMO) raising concerns about the severity of the problem, coastal states have not been successful at eradicating piracy. West African countries…

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African economies to benefit from safer Gulf of Guinea

African economies stand a huge chance of growing significantly if the Gulf of Guinea is protected from the activities of pirates and illegal trade. Every year the Gulf of Guinea serves as a trade route amounting to over $1 billion countries globally transport goods across the Atlantic. Many of the vessels that travel across the Gulf of Guinea serve African countries, transporting to and from them. 70 percent of Africa’s trade with European Union takes place by sea. Significant oil resources from Africa are also transported via the Gulf of…

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