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Most countries at risk of climate disasters are in debt distress, research shows

New research by humanitarian organisation, ActionAid International, has revealed a shocking 93% of countries at the forefront of climate disasters are drowning in debt. The organisation is calling for the most climate vulnerable countries to have their debts cancelled, along with a radical reform of the way global debt is managed, to stop this crisis. With countries forced to pay… Read More
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The priority actions needed to limit global warming

– – Despite positive progress at COP26, current country pledges and commitments, even if fully implemented, still do not put the world on trajectory to limit global warming to 1.5°C. If the world is to have even a 50% chance of meeting that objective, COP27 must act as a catalyst to turn broad national commitments into secific actions and pave… Read More
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African leaders demand fulfilment of climate change pledges

– – Twenty four African leaders have urged wealthier nations to fulfil their aid pledges for tackling climate change. They contend that this will enable the African continent to enhance the fight against climate change effects for which it shares little blame. The African ministers made the demand in a communique at the close of a three-day forum in the… Read More
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Climate action project backed by blockchain technology launches

– – Open Forest Protocol (OFP) – an open platform to transparently measure, verify and fund forestation projects with blockchain technology – has gone live and is ready to accelerate climate action by onboarding projects on the carbon neutral NEAR Protocol. The announcement signifies the beginning of one of the first open and free, Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) services accessible to forestation projects… Read More
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Ghana: Climate risks could cost transport sector $3.9 billion

– – A new report estimates that by 2050 climate risks could cause damage worth $3.9 billion in Ghana’s transport sector. But the report also offers a roadmap that could prevent the worst from happening. It also highlights extensive efforts by the government to counter climate risks. The potential damage of $3.9 billion is thrice the investment of $1.3 billion… Read More