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Eritrea accuses CIA of attempting to overthrow the govt

Eritrea’s government has said that it’s investigations uncovered evidence of a US plot to overthrow the government in Asmara in 2011. A statement released by the ministry of information said it has got hold of “confidential documents” used by the conspirators. In the statement Eritrea also accused Israel of helping to demonise Eritrea globally. It claimed Israel’s spy agency, Mossad… Read More
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Mandela and Fidel: What is not being said

THE death of Nelson Mandela has precipitated a torrent of interpretations on his life and work, all of which present him as a disciple of pacifism and a kind of Mother Teresa of South Africa. This is an essentially incorrect, and premeditated, image, promoted to obscure the fact that after the Sharpeville massacre in 1960, the African National Congress (ANC)... Read More

Lawsuit seeks proof of CIA meddling in Mandela’s arrest

An American student lodged a lawsuit against the CIA on Wednesday in an attempt to secure documents that purportedly show the intelligence agency was complicit in Nelson Mandela's arrest. Former president Mandela, who died last month aged 95, was detained in 1962, convicted in the Rivonia Trial and incarcerated for decades under apartheid rulers. Read More