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Eritrea accuses CIA of attempting to overthrow the govt

Eritrea’s government has said that it’s investigations uncovered evidence of a US plot to overthrow the government in Asmara in 2011.

A statement released by the ministry of information said it has got hold of “confidential documents” used by the conspirators.

In the statement Eritrea also accused Israel of helping to demonise Eritrea globally.

It claimed Israel’s spy agency, Mossad was engaged in spreading false information that suggested that Eritrea was collaborating with terrorist organisations based in the Middle East.

The Eritrea government said there is enough evidence to show that the US spy agency, the CIA planned to incite “insurrection and protests” similar to the Arab Spring.

Although there are no signals what triggered this latest outburst the statement released alleges that a number of State Department officials held a “secret meeting” in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

The names of these CIA officials who held the said secret meeting in Kenya were not mentioned in the statement.

Eritrea however said the entire strategy by the CIA “operatives” were military action similar to that taken against former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi.

There Eritrean government is yet to release any documents to back its claims against the USA and Israel though.

The US has for a long time criticized Eritrea’s human rights record describing it as an “authoritarian regime”.

Both countries do not have good diplomatic relations for years now.


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