Raising women in Africa Africa OP-ED 

How African Parents Teach Girls To Be Gender Slaves!

African parenting culture, doesn’t exactly seem to be bosom friends with the feminine gender. A girl child in Africa, is widely considered a future property of her potential suitor, so the need to prepare her (at least marketable enough) for marriage, becomes inherent! Let’s tarry a bit on gender responsibility, as required by the average African society. A man is often regarded as the sole administrator of the home, who’s revered and religiously served by his wife. Little wonder, he’s saddled with the huge responsibility of providing satisfactorily for his…

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African Woman but Not Religious Africa Opinions 

African Woman but Not Religious

She is from Ndola in the self-acclaimed Christian country, Zambia, but currently, Cynthia lives in one of the European countries where she works as a school teacher. Not too long ago, Cynthia came out as a non-theist. She has joined the growing number of African women who openly and publicly identify as non-religious. I spoke to Cynthia some months ago and she narrated to me her tortuous journey from religion to irreligion. It is a journey that took this brave, thoughtful and curious woman across different Christian denominations but also…

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