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 Politicians Focus on Elections While Witch Persecutions Ravage Nigeria

By Leo Igwe With the elections coming up early next year, state actors in Nigeria have their minds fixed on emerging victorious at the polls. The business of governance has taken a back seat. Politicians are busy plotting and scheming to get into power, or to return to power. But across the nation, there is devastation. There is pain, anguish… Read More
Human Rights 

AfAW Joins Humanists International

By Leo Igwe The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) has joined the global humanist body, Humanists International as an associate member. AfAW’s membership application was ratified at HI’s General Assembly in Glasgow in June. In its letter to AfAW, HI’s acting membership development officer, Javan Lev Poblador, said: ” I am glad to inform you that your membership application has… Read More
OP-ED West Africa 

AfAW Salutes Church of Scotland for Acknowledging Harm linked to Witchcraft Accusations

By Leo Igwe The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) salutes the Church of Scotland for taking steps to acknowledge abuses linked to Scotlands historic witchcraft laws centuries ago. At its 2022 General Assembly, the church accepted the motion brought by Rev Prof Susan Hardman that regrets the terrible harm caused to alleged witches in Scotland. AfAW received this news of… Read More