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Staying Safe When Painting Your Car

A car is usually one of the biggest investments you will make in your life time. It is a source of pride, an outward display of your success, and it may even be an example of something you take joy in maintaining and improving. This may be as simple as keeping it clean and clutter free, but to some it is a project, something they modify, improve and change to be a reflection of themselves. This may be by adding modifications, improving the engine or by repainting. When repainting your car, it is important to stay safe, as it is a potentially dangerous task, here’s a guide on how to do so:

Choosing Your Equipment

When deciding to re-spray your car you must first make a choice, whether to do it yourself or pay for the job to be done. If you decide to do it yourself the first step is choosing the right equipment for your job. Choosing the right equipment is dependent upon the type of paint you use. Whilst the equipment may be standardized, it is important to remember most equipment is brand specific meaning that one company’s product cannot be used with another. Spray cans are the traditional method for re-spraying but developments in the industry have created a different, better quality product. A quick search online shows the benefits, especially when spraying black, of black Plasti Dip paint which can be bought online and has a longer-lasting finish.

Remember the Risks

When spraying your car, it is important to remember that whilst it may seem like a simple procedure, it can carry some risks. Storing the paint before spraying your car is important, as is keeping it away from extreme heat and naked flames (paint comes in a highly pressurized can which is prone to exploding when not safely stored). It is important to be appropriately dressed before you carry out the painting. The spray itself can be corrosive, so wearing gloves to protect your hands is essential. With this in mind, safety glasses and a particle respirator should be worn as they will stop you inhaling the paint particles and prevent the spray damaging your eyes.

When Carrying Out the Job

As mentioned above, protection for your hands, eyes, nose and mouth should be worn. It would also be advisable to wear long sleeved tops to protect the rest of your torso. The area where you are planning to spray your car should also be considered, and due to the nature of lingering particles it should be carried out either outside or in a well ventilated area. If you are using an electrical spray it is important to note that this is often more highly pressurized and should only be used as directed. Spraying the paint on yourself or at others could lead to lasting, permanent damage such as lacerations or even finger loss.

Spraying your car can be an enjoyable, rewarding process which can give you a sense of pride in your car, as well as potentially save you money. But it is also dangerous, and by following these simple steps, you can ensure you stay safe as you do so.

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