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Sierra Leone’s ex-president banned from leaving country

Sierra Leone’s former president Ernest Bai Koroma is among several past government officials banned from leaving the country.

He and other officials who served in his government are facing allegations of corruption and are under investigations.

Koroma’s party has already dismissed the corruption allegations.

The government has now ordered Mr. Koroma and more than 100 people indicted to pay back stolen money, forfeit their houses, or face further investigations.

These officials have now been told they would not be allowed to leave the country.

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Lawyers for Mr Koroma’s party have said they would go to court to challenge the travel ban imposed on the former president and other officials.

Current President Julius Maada Bio has described recent work of the commission of inquiry, led by foreign judges, a major breakthrough in the fight against corruption.

The commission identified 111 individuals including businessmen and politicians for carrying act corrupt acts.

Sierra Leone witnessed a brutal, diamond-fuelled civil war in the 1990s and the new president has been on a mission to fix the West African country’s economy, still recovering from the war and recent Ebola epidemic.

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