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Morocco Leads the Way with the World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

Africa is changing at a rapid pace and those who pay attention to these changes are nothing short of impressive. Huge amounts are now invested continent wide and the creativity of local entrepreneurs is propelling national economies forward. Many of them have the merit of bringing in investors, while empowering like-minded co-nationals. It’s refreshing to see that some governments are also playing the long game and invest massively in high heels technologies.

Morocco Now Holds the Energy Headlines

The King of Morocco recently switched on the first phase of what promises to be the largest solar power plant in the world. It is an ambitious project that will conclude in 2018 and will provide electricity for more than 1 million people. It goes by the name of Noor and it has a huge capacity, while employing a lot of high skilled people. This project will save hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon emissions and it is expected to produce a snowball effect.

Africa has plenty of resources and now will have the possibility of making even arid deserts lucrative. These massive projects will provide local people electricity and eventually sell it beyond borders. There are plenty of other countries who could follow suit in 2017 and beyond. Leading by example is the best way to lead and this newfound discovery is unlikely to fall on deaf ears.

Many More Opportunities for Growth

The number of tourists visiting African countries, such as Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania is quickly rising. Interest for sports competitions is also on the rise and the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations exceeded all expectations. The 31st edition of this respectable competition was held in Gabon and it was organized by the Confederation of African football. Supporters of the participating countries flocked to the stadiums and many chose to bet on matches online. The bookies listed here all offered a nice selection of games.

Speaking of which, the gambling industry is also gaining traction. International investors are starting to realize the tremendous potential of the local markets. African athletes are already making history at major European and North American clubs. The performance of national teams at international competitions is constantly high and there’s still potential for growth. As the gambling markets are better regulated, the appetite for investments will keep growing in 2017 and the next years.

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