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Liberia: Anti-George Weah protesters arrested

At least 15 protesters agitating against the George Weah Presidency were arrested on Wednesday in the capital, Monrovia.

They were arrested for defying a government order not to stage a protest against President Weah, police said.

According to the police, the protesters broke through police lines to assemble and had no permit to getting unto the street.

The group of protesters was protesting despite an earlier plan by the main organizers to suspend the march.

Some Liberians for most parts of July have been agitating over rising cost of living and suspected corruption cases in government.

In June there was a similar protest resulting in some arrests. Protesters in May were also pushing for reforms in governance.

Dubbed “Save the State”, the protesters demanded that President George Weah fights corruption.

Mr. Weah was at the time also accused of ignoring the plights of ordinary Liberians who are impoverished.

President Weah has faced many challenges since becoming President. His government is still unable to find some missing $104 million bank notes.

In September last year news broke of the disappearance of the bank notes.

The disappearance of huge consignments of the money printed abroad in China and Sweden shocked many Liberians.

Although the containers, the money was kept inside left the port in the capital, Monrovia they could not be found.

President Weah took over in 2018 promising to deal with corruption and fix the country’s ailing economy.


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