Legal Scrubbing is a dirty game

Many catch phrases began to surface on twitter and in pamphlets around the UN that read “there is a treaty to regulate arm chairs but not arms” or “even bananas are regulated by a treaty but not arms.” So why is it so hard to regulate illegal arms trade that is proven to kill thousands and thousands of lives per year yet we control bananas? Well, the short answer is that war is big business! Ammunition brings in millions of dollars every year to these super power countries so why would they want to stop the use of their cash cow?

Yet, the unregulated supply of ammunition creates a loop hole for rebel groups around the world to access these supplies without restriction. Rebel groups in Somalia and DRC as evidence of the killings that go on unrestricted and with impunity.

A comprehensive Arms Trade Treaty will stop the gap of unrestricted access to ammunition where arms embargos have not.

Yet, with both the US and Canada fighting this move it seems unlikely that such a measure will see the light of day in this bill.

Powerful gun lobbyists presented their concerns at the end of day four but most activist and journalist in the room found this group quite entertaining and laughable. First of all, a comprehensive Arms Trade Treaty has absolutely no effect whatsoever on any US or Canadian citizen to own or operate a weapon. Those rights are protected under the US Constitution and no international Arms Trade Treaty can ever affect the US Constitution. Once woman even promoted a “fear tactic” method in order to get her point across to the dignitaries stating all women need to own guns because they will be attacked and raped. It was a head slapping moment for the majority of the room.

Jennifer Fierberg is reporting for the AGV from the UN in the Big Apple

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