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Kilipeak Adventure specialized in tailor-made and custom-made tour programs. Our team of experts is experienced in arranging and planning wildlife safaris, special trips for couples, family, honeymoons, and professional groups. We can take you to see world-famous icons like Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Serengeti Animal Migration, Ngorongoro Crater, Zanzibar beaches for relaxation and visit Tanzania local people. Welcome and enjoy your visit to Tanzania
“When it comes to Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing and African safaris, nobody does it better than Kilipeak Adventure” Health and Safety
Kilipeak Adventure commits to:
Providing a detailed safety briefing to all trekkers prior to the trek.
Ensuring that all guides are Wilderness First Responder Certified (WFR), are licensed by Kilimanjaro National Park, have significant experience climbing Kilimanjaro and speak English fluently.
Carrying all necessary safety and precautionary equipment including pulse oximeters, emergency oxygen, and first aid kits.
We organize our climbs with a 1-2 guide to climber ratio so you get personalized attention. And we conduct daily health.
We offer ALTOX Personal Oxygen Systems which reduce or eliminate symptoms of altitude sickness
Organizing emergency evacuations if necessary.
All trekkers will have insurance to cover the payment of this.
Providing clean, purified water to trekkers throughout the trek Porters Welfare
Kilipeak Adventure commits to:
Limiting porter loads to 20 kg per porter.
Paying porters a fair salary.
Ensuring porters have enough food for the duration of the trip.
Ensuring that porters have suitable shelter for the duration of the trip.
Providing porters with adequate clothing for the harsh mountain climate.
Treating porters with the respect they deserve.
Quality of Service
Kilipeak Adventure commits to:
Answering emails from all clients in a timely manner.
Providing high-quality service throughout the trek, including quality tents and sleeping mattresses, and quality food.
Responsible Travel Kilipeak Adventure commits to the following guiding ethics:
We realize that every destination is someone else’s home
We should leave places as we would like to find them
We should ensure that communities benefit through our visit.

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