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It’s just fine to squirt as a woman, be excited about it

There are many who wonder what squirting is all about and whether it is cool to do it as a woman.

Squirting is just the female version of ejaculation during sex or the stimulation of the female sex organ.

Often during squirting, women who experience it discharge thickish or whitish fluid from around the vagina and it comes with orgasm or even before experiencing orgasm.

For those who discharge thickish or milky fluid there is nothing really to worry about because often it is not usually noticed and can be cleaned quickly although it can be uncomfortable for some men.

These men simply don’t know what it is and often believe it’s wrong, but they are just not aware women also ejaculate.

For those who discharge urine-like or whitish fluid there is always some concerns, but there is no need to worry if you are a woman.

Feel free to squirt

Just feel free to discharge or squirt because the orgasmic liquid looks and smells nothing like urine.

It is simply awesome when a woman squirts especially for some men. It drives some men crazy to see a woman squirt.

Squirting turns some men on and if your woman does it, tell her how cool it is because it makes them feel appreciated.

The most popular form of Squirting which is the discharge of the urine-like fluid is the highest point of squirting and not all women experience it.

It takes something extra special to get them to experience this pleasure. It requires unique technique and also for the woman to clear herself from all emotional blocks, insecurities and just relaxed during sex or vagina stimulation.

For men who are lucky to make their women squirt, wow that’s the beginning of pleasure for both of you.

Fortunately once you get her to that point, doing same the next time becomes easier.

How to make a woman squirt

The good news is that all women can squirt. It is even made easier now a days with sex toys.

Squirting in women
It is very exciting when you make your woman squirt though.

But for women to squirt they must first work on themselves, they just have to relax and be free from stress.

There are no magic steps though to make a woman squirt but these steps might help.

  • Make sure she is relaxed and free
  • Then get her turned on and very horny
  • Get the vagina massaged and if possible lick her
  • Work on her G-Spot and it could get her set to Squirt
  • During sex you can try out the doggy style

But if you find another way of making your woman squirt please stick to it. Everyday there are new ways of doing things so no need to follow one rule.

For a woman, if you know what makes you squirt just seal it and keep doing it.

Just feel proud and happy about it because it is just soo cool to squirt.


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