IMF fears Africa’s increasing indebtedness [Business Africa]

The international Monitory Fund (IMF) fears public debt may double in ten years, urging reasonable borrowing in Africa.

Is Africa once again on the path to over-indebtedness? This issue follows concerns expressed by the International Monetary Fund, which is alarmed by the current level of debt incurred by many countries on the continent.

Rwanda : Qatar Airways acquires majority shares in Rwanda’s Bugesera Airport

The Rwandan government and Qatar Airways have signed an investment partnership agreement for the construction of a new international Airport.

Qatar Airways has agreed to take a 60 percent stake in the new $1.3bn international airport, according to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on Monday.

The new Bugesera airport is situated about 25 km south-east of Kigali. The agreement signed between the two parties is expected to roll out in two phases.

The first part which ends in 2020, will provide facilities for seven million passengers per year, followed by a second phase by 2032.

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