GEOSTRATEGY: A Geographic Map may hide A strategy for mental subordination


Because of his writings at the time regarded as blasphemy, Bruno will know a long andering that will lead him to stay in 19 European cities in 6 years : Brescia, Genoa, Noli, Savona, Turin, Venice, Padua, Brescia , Naples, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Chambery, London, Oxford, Zurich, Frankfurt, Marburg, Wittenberg alternately fleeing the Roman Catholics, Anglicans and British, Swiss Calvinists and then finally the German Lutherans.

In 1584, Giordano Bruno wrote in his book « De l’infinito l’Universo e i Mondi » (The Infinite Universe and Worlds): « Mathematics lie, the geometry rather than measure lie (. ..) It is for the intellect that it belongs to judge and report things as time and space away from us. « He adds: « Heaven does not exist (as claimed by the church), because there are countless suns and countless earth revolving around the sun (and as many gods) like of our solar system. (…) It is impossible for a rational being sufficiently vigilant imaginable that these innumerable worlds, beautiful as ours or more beautiful, are devoid of people similar and even higher. «


In 2012, we can ask ourselves whether in 1584, Bruno was right or wrong in stating that the universe was infinite and that the planet Earth was suspended in a vacuum. Another Italian, named Galileo resume the work of Bruno to conclude that the Earth was round and not flat and that it orbited the Sun and not vice versa, undergoing the same wrath of the clergy.

When looking at the world map in the twenty-first century, it seems that Bruno and Galileo were wrong. One gets the impression that the world is flat. One gets the impression that there is a North Up and down South. Which is obviously false? Because there is of course a North and South, but not a North-up and one down south.

The map we use created in 1569, is the result of a worldview Eurocentric, in which the place of Europe must be above the other continents. This is a vision that takes us back to the time of the expansion of European colonial empires, when Europe had to symbolize power, domination, power, hence no real idea of a map with a false world with Europe standing at the top and the rest of the world below.

In reality, it was Bruno who was right: we are suspended in a vacuum in the universe and the notion of North and South has only purely orientation, since the world is not standing . The South is also above the North and the North also below the South; all depends solely on the observation angle.


Error by considering that geography is a material which has an objective study of the surface of the earth and its inhabitants. No, this is false. To paraphrase Giordano Bruno, Science lie, geography lie with the aim to participate in a brainwashing from the perspective of having dominated and dominating everyone who settle in the role that the system is willing to undertake.

For example the names of parts of the world:

– The Southeast Asia: it is a name created from scratch by the United States of America in 1943 to officially designate a theater of war in the Pentagon’s military agenda. But the real reason lies elsewhere: in 1943, India was a British colony and its independence is not doubted today. To prevent that when it become independent and become a regional power with territorial claims beyond that permitted by the United Kingdom, all that part of Asia which has for centuries been under cultural and economic influence of India , will change its name and is now called SOUTHEAST-ASIA, not like before India beyond the Ganges. At independence, this is not enough. India is still divided into two parts including Pakistan and will have no ideological means to extend any influence on the famous South-East Asia. Today, the question, « How many countries has the South East Asia? « Nobody can say for sure. Eg ASEAN, the Association of Southeast Asia established in 1967 has 10 member countries, while IATA, International Air Transport Association are 29 countries, to set the ticket prices flight and tax calculations. A proof that geography is variable geometry and has no objectivity in classification.

– The Middle East and the Middle East are derogatory terms, used by Western chauvinists since the word in 1902 by the American military theorist Alfred Mahan to define and delineate the area of military theater. It relegates the periphery areas to confirm the centrality of Europe. It is indeed « close » or « average », seen from Europe, from Europe. But there is another motive equally morbid, it is to create an ideological divide in the minds of people away from them for the idea of union, federation, confederation. How is it that throughout Europe and North America 10,000 kilometers apart can be found in one area called WEST? While Lebanon to India only 1500 km we pass from the Near East in the Middle East and the Middle East to Asia. As if Lebanon was not in Asia. This is what will explain that all the federations of countries that were created after the independence of these countries have followed this logic of colonial division. A Lebanese will not think in the same continental union as an Indian because he is convinced not to inhabit the same continent. That is why the Arab League is a body weakened from its inception by the anomaly of being an ethnic group rather than continental. It is like that, thanks to the Europeans behind its creation. The leveling of the positions of the West in the Libyan crisis in 2011 and Syria in 2012 are there to prove it. In recent years, movements of awareness have emerged and, everywhere, were banned by the Asians. The terms of the Near East and Middle East, words are replaced with more reasonable as West Asia or Southwest Asia. Now, even the Anglo-Saxons understood the stupidity of such an appellation and have banned word expression Near East (Middle East). These are only French academics, politicians and media that still use this expression of the Middle East.

– Some French and British medias are trying the old British colonial dream to separate Egypt from Africa and that is why they are going to systematically categorize Egypt in the Near East for the French and the Middle East for the British. Others go even further and extend the Middle East to Morocco, although it’s ridiculous, they have at least the consolation of having contributed to divide Africa beyond reasonable doubt.

– In 2011, the same medias have coined the word « Arab spring » to define a movement on African soil, in Tunisia and they never used the word African spring. This is not an oversight or ignorance, everything is calculated.

– The notion of North and South is completely misleading, false, misleading. The reason that the world would be divided into two parts by the equator, the portions of one and the other of the equator is assigned the name of North and South on one side to the other. In this purely mathematical, three-quarters of Africa would be located in the northern hemisphere. So, Chad, Senegal, Ethiopia, Ghana, Cameroon, Sudan etc … that are countries geographically located above the Equator, are in the Northern Hemisphere, while Zambia, Madagascar, Angola, Mozambique etc. … located on the other side of the equator are in the southern hemisphere. But the official geography created by the dominant system of the West artificially invented a North and a South that exists only in our heads as propaganda has accustomed us. So she assign adjectives admirers, flattering praise for the former, the famous North and completely disrespectful, insulting and upsetting for the second called South. Thus, according to these variables immutable, the north is rich no matter what, two centuries ago it was already considered « developed » even though there was no electrification of cities, or paved roads, no hospitals or phone etc. As ridiculous does not kill, we invented a new intermediate variable for countries not expected in that the virtuous circle of countries blessed « emerging countries », they can do everything, they will never be « developed countries « because it is a title that is acquired by transmission of blood and not effort. This is a technique already opened in South Africa by the racist system of apartheid by creating a parliament for the Métis, mulattos and Indians as a buffer zone to protect the security of other more famous and less virtuous.


The official map of the world is the one done in 1569 according to projection known as Mercator (named after its creator, the Belgian Gerardus Mercator), is a false card. When it came to decide to use for example the map of Gall or that of Peter closer to reality, and correcting the errors of Mercator, the U.S. government has chosen the wrong card and for good reason: it is it that makes pride to the West and damage non-Western countries, like Africa, South America and Asia. On official maps used around the world including Africa, examples of malignancies:

1 – Greenland appears larger than Africa, while the latter is 15 times larger in reality.

2 – Cameroon seems to have the same size as Switzerland when in reality, Cameroon is 11.5 times bigger than Switzerland, with its 41,277 km2 which does not reach the size of one of the 10 provinces of Cameroon (475,000 km2)

3 – Finland and the Scandinavian countries all seem larger than India when in reality, India with its 3,287,263 km ² (2.3% of land area) is 10 times larger than Finland with its 338,424 km2 (0.23% of land area)

4 – Germany appears twice Mozambique, while in reality, Germany with 57,114 km ² is less than half of Mozambique having 801,590 km2 5 – Belgium seems larger than Senegal. But in reality, Senegal with 196,722 km ² is almost six and a half times to Belgium, which has only 30,528 km2.

6 – France seems to have the same dimension as Mali. Yet in reality, with its 1,241,238 km ², Mali has an area twice that of France, which has only 640,294 km2

7 – Europe appears greater than China when in reality, with its 9,596,961 km2 China is almost double across Europe from east to west and representing 6.4% of the land.

Africa is a huge continent, with its 30,418,873 km ², representing 6% of land and 20.3% of the land. While the 46 countries of Europe have a total area of 5,917,619 km ², that is to say that all Europe, from Portugal to Ukraine is 4.4 times smaller than Africa. Yet, in the collective imagination, Africans are convinced to be 10 times smaller than Europe, to have less living space than the Europeans, which is not true at all, as we have just show. That’s why in addition to a very favorable climate, it is to Africa to feed Europe and therefore make a profit and not vice versa.


With this card at first sight trivial, Europe was able to install in the minds of African acceptance of their supposed superiority. The African child who looks at a map on which Europe is above and below Africa, African internalized inferiority vis-à-vis Europe. Because it is natural that the instinct of the child led him to understand that the desire of a person is to grow and grow means from the bottom up, grow means to leave the march on the 4 legs to stand up, grow also means, from the South allegedly poor, helpless, bruised bottom to the north at the top, a symbol of achievement and well-being.

To defend a continent, we must love and to love Africa, we must have the intellectual capacity to put as priority the deconstruction of mental conditioning in which virtually the whole population lies.

When I was studying in Italy, in 1987, I performed a test with my Italian friends. I had a world map that I had returned and reinstated the names of the countries at the location on the map upside down. All told me that it was not normal and when I was pointing out that the earth was round, almost without thinking I was answered that « but Africa cannot be at the top of Europe » and when I ask « why? » the response was equally surprising « because Africa is poorer. » This means that for a young European, have a world map in which Europe is placed over Africa is a confirmation of his conviction that the strong Europe that can dominate the poor Africa and therefore even have his trophy on the map and be on top and below Africa.

A few years later, when I created my first company in the Populated Republic of China, in 1998, I made a discovery that, at first glance, there was nothing special, but by dint of thinking was equally overwhelming. That is the map we used had nothing to do with that used in Europe. She had been revisited with China at the center of the earth and everything else around, just satellites. And when I tried to ask my Chinese colleagues if they did not believe that this card was a bit weird, I was candidly replied that the opposite would have been weird because according to them, China was the center of the earth, halfway between Africa and Europe to the Americas and left to right. I spent 10 years on Chinese soil to understand that my supposed eccentricity of the map showed the importance of symbols, however insignificant, in the mental construction of the pride of a people. Give pride to a people is not the result of a simple slogan repeated several times, but a serious work of geostrategy the reason why we are the butt of other people and how we are of the screen happiness and pride of another people. Then we must take the necessary decisions for, firstly, remove the pessimism that has printed the other, before setting up the mechanisms to bring the nobility to an entire people. The pedagogy of this deconstruction can be beneficial in the actual realization, since the beneficiaries are involved in all levels of disassembly, because convinced of the merits of their naivety.


25 years ago I adopted Giordano Bruno, philosopher of the Italian Renaissance, as my mentor. His writings helped me grow intellectually, his courage to accept his actions convinced me to dare to go against the tide, to gain access to a just Africa one day, his perseverance to pass on his knowledge against winds and tides has given me the courage to confront the moral compromise of generalized mediocrity to communicate to youth the hidden sides of a world built on lies. To access the knowledge in the fifteenth century he had become a priest. Bruno did. But in his dorm room, at the outset, he removes all the images of saints, receiving the wrath of church administration. It did worse: he denies the virginity of Mary, he castigates the Holy Trinity, doctrinal foundation of the Catholic Church. This will not prevent him been ordained priest in 1573. He then pretended to be a model Dominican, but parallel, he is cultivating himself, he reads everything, especially the texts banned by the Church, he retains much. In reaching its lucidity in criticism, he met a man who also shaped him, Giordano Crispo, his master in metaphysics, in which he will make a special tribute: he will get rid himself of his Christian name of Filippo to adopt definitively that of his master Crispo, becoming Giordano Bruno and no more Filippo Bruno. A reading of his sentence, to be burned at the stake, he will declare: « You are probably experiencing more fear in reading the sentence than me receiving it. » Indeed, another Italian who is 36 years old at the time of the facts take the torch of scientific and intellectual rebellion: Galilee, from the work of Bruno, the presumption that Earth orbits the Sun and not vice versa. « And yet it moves » will say Galilee at his life sentence at 70 years in 1633.

The twenty-first century, Africa is in the same ideological situation of Europe in the sixteenth century. The dominant system has made Africa a victim. Distilled propaganda against Africa takes unsuspected paths. African renaissance will come from Bruno, many Brunos that will be formed and grown to excess, off the beaten tracks of the dominant system and unlimited to finally have the intelligence to get in dissent, to enter into rebellion cultural and indicate the true path of human progress in Africa and not the permanent circus of petty intellectual and moral failure.

When in Africa, throughout Africa without exception, teachers transmit to young people the false information of a map tailored to prevent the emergence of a proud African and South American; they commit a serious offense in terms of ethics even before being historically.

When a teacher tells his pupils and students that Africa is a poor continent even though he knows that this is not true in absolute terms, he helped pass the virus on the destruction of African pride, by the game to help other people in debt, heavily indebted to further invigorate their population calling themselves rich, developed countries, democratic countries etc. … while all these words are just as relative and insignificant.


Jean Paul Pougala, (

NB: very positive agreements were concluded with the Ministries of Education of certain African countries to introduce in upcoming September 2012 in primary and secondary schools in these countries, a returned world map of the Gall-Peters projection that to give the continent its rightful place even in a seemingly innocuous subject like geography. For others, it will most likely come with Volume 2 of this Manual of African Geostrategy.

Translated by Nkeng Valles – Bamenda North-West, Cameroon –Februry 17, 2012

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