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Clout Africa organises Freedom Concert to mark Nigeria’s 61st Independence Anniversary

But while we are still approaching the month with a heightened solemnity, it is important for us as a brand that identifies with the young and creative to lend our platform to their causes in this period of national reflection and give young Nigerians an opportunity to be heard and celebrated.

Speaking on the concert, Oladotun Kayode, the Chief Brand Officer emphasized Clout Africa’s commitment to charity, education, culture, education, and music.

“Music empowers young people to speak up so we’ve invited a diverse roster of artists, Liya, Fave, Gucci, Victony, Hoodini Mike Abdul, and more to perform to our audience live via streaming and radio. Edifying the nation and allowing for multiple perspectives for nationhood and nation-building are key objectives for the Clout Freedom Concert.

“The concert will also platform young Nigerians within various creative industries by inviting them to share what freedom means to them. Sound bites and conversations around other social-cultural issues affecting young people will also air during the month-long concert.”

Expanding on the goal of the concert, Clout Africa’s CEO Serge Noujaim had this to add; “All these activities are geared towards empowering local acts by giving them visibility, educating young Nigerians through various media initiatives and donating to Lend a hand Africa, a charity with interest in causes affecting young Nigerians.”

Speaking in an interview with journalists, the Head of Tech and Brand Strategy, Kolapo Oladapo said young Nigerians’ resolute spirit and creativity deserve to be celebrated. “Our core demographic is the youth who are the workforce of the future.

“As much as we tap into the good times, this is also a time to reflect while we celebrate the great works young people are doing in Nigeria and also in the diaspora. We’re celebrating through music, charity, social good as well as some elements of education.”

He expressed optimism that many Nigerians will appreciate the Clout Freedom Concert which the company is offering free to all Nigerians.


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