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Akin Alabi suffers the wrath of outraged Nigerians on Twitter

The concept of cause and effect is simply based on one action leading to another. In most cases the action causes a negative response and the aftermath is an effect that no one wants to take responsibility for.

This is the case of the Nigerian people and the Nigerian government. Nigerian politicians have constituted so much misery amongst the masses that any response towards them regardless of their action is usually one of anger and revolt.

Akin Alabi, the Nigerian lawmaker representing Egbeda/Ono Ara Federal constituency, is the latest recipient of this sometimes unfounded aggression, on Twitter. The way Nigerians responded to him today over a project he had supervised made it clear that the anger of Nigerians supersedes any effort from the government that is less than impressive.

Pictures of a health care centre that was renovated by Akin surfaced online and started a fire. Comments ranged from how poor the facility looked to how poor it looked compared to health centres abroad.

Outrage towards the final result of the project got so bad that he had to address the issue, explaining the role he played in the project, and how the final turnout of the infrastructure was not his fault.

He noted that he was in charge of the renovation itself and not the budgeting, planning or architecture. He simply stated that a village health centre with minimum health cases reported a year was in desperate need of a renovation to make it conducive for the health care workers that use it, and he took on the task.

Regardless, people remained unsatisfied with his justification and still highlighted things that could have been done better. Some simply just didn’t accept that this is an admirable project, to them health care centres should in no way look like that, and no explanation would make them feel otherwise.

It’s unclear if Nigerians are just being unnecessarily unreceptive to the man’s effort, or if they are right. But, what we know is that Nigerian politicians have built, by themselves, a system of distrust and whatever Akin Alabi’s explanation is, it may not sing any good music.

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