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Zambian Footballer Confesses he is The Devil in T.B. Joshua’s Church!

Zambian Footballer
I AM THE DEVIL!!!” | Ex-Footballer Exposes Dark

Ian Phiri, a former player with Zambian club Forest Rangers, has given a shocking revelation about the black powers he sought to enhance his struggling football career.

In a video released to Emmanuel TV’s YouTube channel, Phiri admitted to visiting an occult shrine in Mozambique in a quest for ‘powers’.

“I went to a priest who said he would give me powers to play good football and make it in life,” the Zambian explained.

Phiri underwent a ritual in which he was stripped naked and bathed in water ceremonially boiled in a black pot. “He splashed it on me and it was very, very cold. He then told me to pass underneath his legs and never return.”

However, the dalliance with witchcraft backfired upon Phiri’s return to Zambia. Instead of boosting his career, the encounter only served to boost his lust for older women.

“From the time I went to the shrine, my football career crumbled and I began living a very reckless life,” he stated. “Anytime I looked at a woman once or twice and commanded her to follow me, she would. I began womanising, smoking and drinking alcohol all the time.”

With things going decidedly downhill, Phiri resolved to visit the famed church of Pastor T.B. Joshua in Nigeria in search of ‘deliverance’.

He explained that during the church service, his body became uncommonly hot and he “wanted to run away”.

However, when the ‘Morning Water’ from Joshua’s church was ministered to him, Phiri began to aggressively retaliate, clearly under the influence of some supernatural entity.

“I felt fire burning from my head to my toes,” he explained. “I didn’t know what was happening from that point on.”

Following his ‘deliverance’ from ‘the devil’, Phiri testified that his nightly sexual encounters with strange women in the dream had ended, as had his insatiable lust for the opposite sex.

Joshua’s church is the foremost tourist destination for religious pilgrims in West Africa with hundreds of Zambians weekly trooping to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in search of salvation and the miraculous.

Makweembo Mwanasa is a Zambian writer


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