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To The General Who Forgot The Real Boss: #RevolutionNow Is Unstoppable! By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Criticism and confrontation come with the position of a president. A
president should be aware of two truths: First, he’ll be criticized.
Second, criticism always changes a president. How a president handles
criticisms can make or break his administration.

A wise president handles criticisms by maintaining his humility and by
facing the criticism squarely. He should understand the difference
between constructive and destructive criticism by not seeing only the
critic, but by seeing the crowd: is the criticism widespread? The
president should wait for time to prove his critics wrong.

A president handles criticism by concentrating on his mission and
vision, and by correcting his mistakes. So far, the way President
Muhammadu Buhari handles criticisms and hounds critics shows the guilt
of indiscretion, lack of judgment, poor choices, and just plain

The autocratic style of Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari reminds me of a
General who forgot the real boss – the Nigerian people. When a
president forgets whom he serves, he quickly falls prey to the basest
human instincts. One of the deadliest things that can disqualify and
destroy a president is unrestrained vengeance. Any president who
cannot humble himself to serve the people who elect him into office
will act out selfish motives and hurt the nation and people.

When a president lost sight of his vision, he sets out to serve his
own selfish interests. In the end, his selfishness and stubbornness
will cost him everything.

Why #RevolutionNow?

Revolutions don’t just happen. Something had to cause them. There are
grievances or complaints against  Buhari. Yes, the grievances have
usually been ignored for years by previous administrations. People
have become impatient with the slow pace of change and worsening
conditions have become unbearable. It is the responsibility of the
incumbent president to turn things around within a relatively short
period. Then there’s a spark to ignite the revolution. Herein comes
Omoyele Sowore – the dynamite that sets off the time bomb of
#RevolutionNow. Now that the fuse had been lit, the arrest and
continued detention of Sowore continued to fuel #RevolutionNow.

As citizens, do we have a right to revolt against Alhaji Buhari’s
regime which has failed to protect our lives and properties? Do we
have a right to revolt against the inept and corrupt government of
Buhari? Do we have a right to demand the basic necessities of life –
jobs, hospital, infrastructure, electricity, treated water, sound
education, good schools, a livable wage, safety and security, public
transportation, name it?

Do we have the right to protest against Buhari’s nepotism, selective
and miscarriage of justice, corruption, oppression, and other ancient
evils that have become the trademark of Buhari’s directionless
government?  Of course, it is morally right to revolt against
oppressive and repressive government of Buhari. It is also politically
right to overthrow Buhari peacefully through prolonged and sustained
agitation and protests.

#RevolutionNow is for the long-term benefit of our nation. The primary
reason for the existence of government is to protect the security of
the people. Having failed to secure the life and property of citizens,
Buhari’s regime has no reason to exist a day longer than necessary. No
government should have higher importance than the people. Indeed,
people are the reason for any government.

By the arrest and continued detention of Sowore and other vocal
Nigerians, Buhari is telling us that the street is not the place to
solve our problems. But we’re saying the street was and still is the
place. The voice of the street is the only choice left for us because
the ballot box failed us, the president failed us, the system failed
us, the lawmakers failed us. #RevolutionNow is here to stay until it
has achieved its purpose by installing a truly democratic government
of the people, by the people, and for the people… Let’s go there!

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